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Where is the best place to purchase Kathryn the Grape books?

There are four books currently available in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. They are available for purchase and worldwide delivery on here.  We also offer autographed books and bundle packs for USA delivery from the Kathryn the Grape Store here.

Where can we purchase a Kathryn the Grape music CD?

Kathryn the Grape music CDs are available directly from Kathryn the Grape here for single CDs or bundle packs. We offer USA delivery only at this time. You may also purchase CDs from CD Baby and Amazon.  All of the digital download links for our music are shared here.

Is this series based on a real person?

Yes! You can read more about how “Kathryn the Grape” came to be here.

What is the target age range for Kathryn the Grape?

We are asked that question a lot as most illustrated series are written for a specific grade level. While pre-school and early elementary school-aged children really enjoy Kathryn the Grape, the series is intended for all ages as the messages and life lessons shared through Kathryn the Grape’s stories and songs are intergenerational.


Are there hardcover Kathryn the Grape books available?

Hardcover books are not currently available for the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. Our books are published in paperback to allow for convenient worldwide purchasing and distribution through Amazon’s global marketplace. However, once all seven books in the series are published (by winter 2017/2018) we will be releasing a special Collector’s Edition of all seven books in a single hardcover book.

Will there be more books in the series?

Yes! At this time, four Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series books available. We will be releasing the other three books in the seven-book series by fall 2017. You can find out more about all seven books here.

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