Happy New Year! As we roll into 2018, it’s apparent that mindful media and positive messages matter now more than ever. In a time when there’s so much negativity swirling around and our children are being challenged with bullying and social pressures in ways we weren’t, it’s essential for us to help our children have affirming tools of self-love and self-compassion to help them throughout life. That is exactly what Kathryn the Grape provides.

We desire to provide these tools to more children and families, and we need your help doing so. I invite you to watch the video below and find out about how Kathryn the Grape helps people of all ages, especially our children. I hope you’ll consider helping us expand Kathryn the Grape and take advantage of some of the exclusive incentives being offered to help us raise the money we need to complete the seven-book series, release our Spanish series, record another new album, and launch our TV show.