Today, I had the pleasure of participating in a really cool songwriting project in support of Happy Star Melodies, all thanks to my friend Steve of Hullabaloo. This morning around 7am I received my song title, “My Music Teacher.” I was tasked with writing and recording (Garage Band style) a new song and sending it to Steve before 5pm. This is the song!

I channeled the chorus while taking a shower and most of verse one while on a walk. I drew upon inspirational from my eighth grade “Bach to Rock” music class with Ms. Bush, which was my favorite class in junior high and high school combined. (Music education is so important!) Israel Garcia from my Kathryn Cloward Band helped me with the arrangement and plays percussion on the recording.

I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to what we created. I am proud of what came through for this song in a relatively short period of time. Click here or on the arrow on the graphic above to hear the song.

Since I am finalizing the songs for the next Kathryn the Grape album and I am all about writing songs with dance moves for the stage show… this song or a variation of it might make it on the album. But you will hear it first here.