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Award-winning author and songwriter Kathryn Cloward empowers and inspires students of all ages through her engaging and interactive visits. Just like the lessons taught in her books and songs, Kathryn shares real life circumstances with students to help them be more mindful about choosing to be kind, accepting, compassionate, and helpful. Customized to be appropriate for each age group, Kathryn weaves together a wonderful balance of educationally rich content and inclusive performances of her songs while igniting students with inspiration to believe in themselves and follow their dreams. Kathryn’s visits are appropriate for all grade levels (preschool through high school) as she is experienced and effective sharing with groups of all sizes and ages. If you are looking for an engaging, motivating, and inspirational guest speaker, Kathryn is the perfect choice!


Shine Shine Shine

In this educational and inspirational visit, students will…

• Be empowered with understanding how their thoughts, words, and actions have a ripple effect.
• Understand the impact of their choices on their own life, and others they encounter.
• Be inspired to do their best in school and in life.
• Be inspired to share their own unique gifts to SHINE SHINE SHINE.
• Walk away with a daily challenge!


Kathryn the Grape at Preschools

Kathryn the Grape loves visiting preschools and playgroups. Find out more here.


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Testimonials — What are people saying about Kathryn the Grape?

“Kathryn the Grape came to our school and what an amazing experience it was! She conducted two assemblies for the entire student body, and every grade level was engaged with her positive and empowering message. Kathryn Cloward had the students and teachers participate in her assembly, and she even had everyone dancing and singing with her. It was quite a sight to see! Kathryn’s message touched on every key point we could have hoped for, including important real-life stories about bullying and being responsible for our own choices. Kathryn was a bright, energetic, and motivational speaker who was able to connect with students and teachers alike. Kathryn is definitely someone you want your students to know.”
Christina Hessom, PTA liaison at Benchley Weinberger Elementary School

Kathryn Cloward, otherwise known as Kathryn the Grape, came to my elementary school to meet with my first grade class.  From the beginning of the hour, to the very last minute, she had them watching attentively and engaged in singing and listening.  Kathryn talked to the children about the importance of kindness and peace.  The overall message in her books and music is that everyone is colorful just by being themselves.  The books reinforce great messages of choosing good character and believing in yourself.  With book titles like Kindness Confetti and Piece of Love, the colorful illustrations and catchy songs proved to be a lasting experience for all of the students at my school.

Heather NoerrFirst Grade TeacherLos Penasquitos Elementary

Our school enjoyed the Kathryn the Grape assembly. It was not only engaging, but the message of treating others fairly and with respect was perfect. Students also enjoyed hearing and learning about how they too can become an author and illustrator some day. Kathryn did a great job, and the students were singing ‘shine shine shine’ all afternoon.

Kelley RabascoPrincipalLa Mesa Dale Elementary School