Kathryn the Grape Media and VARK® Learning Styles

Everyone learns differently. This is why I am deliberate about sharing the same message/lesson with children in a few different ways — a song, book, video, coloring page, and movement.

A mom brought to my attention recently that Kathryn the Grape media naturally touches on all four VARK®️ learning styles (Visual Auditory Read/Write Kinesthetic). Knowing this makes me smile. But, it wasn’t intentional. As with all things I do, I create from my own experience. I just know what worked and didn’t work for me as a kid, and even now as an adult.

I am visual and auditory learner. When I was in school, I struggled with history lessons when I was expected to learn only by reading thick text books. The information didn’t stick. But I thrived and loved learning about history when I could see it in pictures and videos, and hear someone talk about it. Then, I was more engaged with reading text. Perhaps you have a similar story from when you were growing up.

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