Kathryn the Grape ALL TOGETHER Children's Album
Kathryn the Grape ALL TOGETHER Children's Album
Kathryn the Grape ALL TOGETHER Children's Album
Kathryn the Grape ALL TOGETHER Children's Album

Kathryn the Grape ALL TOGETHER Children's Album

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Kathryn the Grape’s award-winning All Together 10-song album provides children with positive mental health self-care tools. Through affirming, inclusive, and unifying lyrics blended with catchy upbeat musical arrangements, children and adults experience social emotional wellness together as they sing and dance along with their friend, Kathryn the Grape. You'll ripple love from the inside out singing along with affirmation songs “I Like Being Me,” “I Am That I Am” and “I Feel Good About Myself." Everyone dances along to “Shake Shake Shake” and “Let’s Celebrate” while jumping along to “Jump With Joy.” Kathryn the Grape’s invitation in “Just Be” unites our global community and “It’s Okay to Cry” provides everyone with freedom to feel and express. Love ripples through “You Matter to Me” and the power of personal choices is illuminated in “Choosing Kindness.” 

If you're seeking to share joyfully wholesome songs that support positive mental health development with children you care about, this is a perfect album to your playlist. 

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What People Are Saying...

"This album features a wonderful selection of songs, with potent lyrics, hummable harmonies, and musical dexterity throughout. The major strength of the album is in the lyrics, which are quite brilliant throughout. The album highlights how kind thoughts, words, and actions can lead to positive outcomes for everyone. The music is superbly arranged and produced, and succeeds in combining upbeat dance songs, with an introspective and yet consistently positive message. All in all a tremendous selection of songs, and an absolute must for music lovers everywhere." Electric Kids Music 

"All Together is a children's music album with a strong, empowering theme about the importance of mental health and self- care. Filled with dance-happy, life-affirming songs, All Together makes a wonderful addition to family, school, and public library children's music collections. Highly recommended!" — Midwest Book Review

“The latest album by Kathryn Cloward (aka Kathryn the Grape) is packed with sweet, wholesome goodness. The San Diego-based performer has created a set of songs that focus on positive, affirmation-like messages, such as “I Like Being Me,” “Just Be,” “You Matter To Me,” and “I Feel Good About Me.” “Choosing Kindness” exemplifies a main themes on hers, while “It’s Okay To Cry” is a tender tune about expressing one’s emotions – and upbeat songs about being kind and sympathetic certainly are appreciated and welcome nowadays. Kathryn typically pairs her heartfelt lyrics with gentle poppy music, although tracks like “I Like Being Me” and the fun numbers “Shake Shake Shake” and “Let’s Celebrate” features some tasty electric guitar playing. Kathryn the Grape’s uplifting, thoughtful songs makes All Together a fruitful listening experience, particularly for little ones.”  — NAPPA Awards

"All Together" Credits:

  • Lyrics and Music Written by Kathryn Cloward
  • Produced by Kathryn Cloward and Daniel Fritz
  • Arranged, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Daniel Fritz
  • Guitars, Keys, Beats, Strings: Daniel Fritz
  • Drums: Leo Barba
  • Bass: David Stone
  • Backing Vocalists: Leonard Patton, Jadyn Patton, Becky Cherlin Baird, Noah Baird, Talia Baird, and Megan Nguyen
  • Main Engineer and Editor: Daniel Fritz
  • Additional Recording Engineers (including some at-home during COVID): Leo Barba / drums, David Stone / bass, Alan Sanderson / lead vocals, Leonard Patton / backup vocals, Daniel Baird / backup vocals, and Megan Nguyen / backup vocals