Kathryn Cloward and Divine - Intrepid Theatre Company's Exiled Voices Refugee Art ExperienceI had the unique honor of being one of 11 artists invited to work with Intrepid Theatre Company for their Exiled Voices Refugee Art Experience. As a songwriter, my role in the program was to write a song about a vibrant young lady named Divine. Over the past two months, I have thoroughly enjoyed going to Crawford High School every week to spend time with Divine and the other artists and students in the program. This experience has helped open my heart even more to the importance of how storytelling allows awareness, which cultivates compassion and understanding.

This Sunday, March 12th at 6pm we will be debuting the Exiled Voices Refugee Art Experience at San Diego’s Horton Grand Theatre. I have written a song titled, “My Name is Divine (Jina langu ni Diviné).” The song shares Divine’s story from being a young girl in Mozambique to moving to San Diego, as well her passions and her “mission” to help others.

I invite you to watch the video below that was filmed and produced by The San Diego Union Tribune which features Divine and me. This video was originally published here along with an in-depth article about the program.  We’re all in this together.