We’re All In This Together

2017 —  Family Choice Award
2017 —  Mom’s Choice Award (silver)
2017 — IMC’s Best Children’s Song of the Year “I Am Happy Being Me”

Join Kathryn the Grape and friends in singing along to this vibrant collection of uplifting and positive songs. Featuring a refreshing blend of affirming and meaningful lyrics, catchy and joyful melodies, and toe-tapping and hand-clapping music, Kathryn the Grape’s We’re All In This Together is a timeless and enjoyable choice for children and adults alike. Each song directly links to messages and lessons shared in the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series of books. Enjoy the positive affirmations in “I Am Happy Being Me,” “M.A.G.I.C.A.L.” and “Free Free Free to Fly.” Dance along to the upbeat tempo of “Friends Forever,” “Nervous Bubbles” and “Shine Shine Shine.” Hear important messages of unity and compassion in “Loving Kindness” and “We’re All In This Together.” Relax into “Just Be In The Flow” and joyfully sing along to the whimsical “Grateful Garden of Love” and bluesy “Maggie.” Listening to the positive music of Kathryn the Grape will provide you and your family with a treasure box of tools of love to last a lifetime.

Heroes for National MPS Society

Raising Awareness & Support for MPS and Related Rare Diseases

“Heroes” is a song for everyone. We are all heroes. Each of us experiences challenges in life and this song honors the courage, hope, and love that carries us through. Kathryn Cloward (Kathryn the Grape) and friends wrote “Heroes” to help shine a light of awareness and support on children and adults living with MPS and related rare diseases that have no cure…yet. The youth version of this song features 15-year old Michelle Hopkins (who has MPS1) as lead singer with a choir of youth backup singers. Joyfully produced and released with loving community support, proceeds from every digital music download or stream/play benefits the National MPS Society. Help us help others by downloading and streaming “Heroes,” and sharing it with others. Together we will make a difference.

Supporting Children Fighting Cancer

Samara is a character in Kathryn the Grape’s Piece of Love book.

“We Are Champions” was written in support of children fighting cancer and their families. Kathryn the Grape’s Kathryn Cloward and her band, producer Kris Dawson, and a choir of youth singers wrote, recorded, and released this song to help shine a light on courageous champions braving cancer and to honor the legacy of champions who are no longer with us. With a heart-centered mission to ripple love, compassion, and unity throughout the world while helping others every step of the way, proceeds from every digital download and stream of “We Are Champions” help support champions like Samara, the little girl featured in the song’s photo who is a Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series character. We hope you will join us in supporting children who are fighting cancer and their families — one song at time.