What a year! I am grateful for each and every one of you for helping us move Kathryn the Grape’s messages of love, compassion and unity forward. We can’t do this without you. Thank you!

Kathryn the Grape One More Yrear AnniversaryWhile the official one year anniversary date for the release of the all new Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series was November 11th, it was one year ago today that we had the release event at San Diego’s Central Public Library. It was a fun morning for all! That event kicked off a fabulous year of sharing stories and music with families, and I couldn’t be more pleased with all that’s manifested in the last 12 months.

In 2017 the Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series has earned 11 national level awards and one regional award for excellence in family-friendly media. While awards are not a motivating factor at all, they are helpful with creating awareness for this independently produced and published series as we work hard to gain momentum in a marketplace dominated by huge media companies.

While this year has been wonderful, Kathryn the Grape media is almost a decade in the making! It was nine years ago this January when the clarity for what I was meant to do with Kathryn the Grape started channeling through me. While I originally released the series seven years ago, I took everything off the market three years ago and started over from scratch. As you can imagine, that was an expensive and time consuming undertaking. But it was a necessary and appropriate decision for the long term viability of the series.

Even though the path hasn’t been smooth or quickly traveled, I am thankful for the gifts time has provided for me to acquire more full spectrum wisdom and rooted courage necessary to protect the integrity of the series while being a clear conduit for receiving and manifesting mindful messages.

With finally removing a major energetic block in my life’s story a few weeks ago (sharing my “Secret Keeper” story), I am ready to move forward with expanding the brand even more. In the coming weeks, I will share about the four main areas that are being developed right now to take Kathryn the Grape media to the next level and how you and your children will be able to be part of that process.

I am grateful for the last nine years and I am looking forward to the next nine. I hope you will continue to be part of the positive ripple effect of Kathryn the Grape.

For anyone pursuing a dream or working to fulfill a purposeful desire, keep going. Very few things happen overnight. Only YOU know what you’re being called to do. Trust the process.