Kathryn the Grape Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews of Kathryn the Grape Music, Books & Shows

"Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series is self-help for kids. They contain powerful messages of love and understanding in fun easy to read stories.”
– Courtney Daly-Pavone, Publisher Macaroni Kids

Kathryn the Grape’s music is inspiring, thoughtful and so different than any other kids album. Her music creates a vision for kids – she sings about the meaning of colors, how to be strong, why it’s important to be kind, and how we are all connected to one another. She teaches little minds to focus on what is important – her message is strong and the music is fun, heart-felt and renewing. I smile when I hear my boys playing with their toys and singing the words to her songs. They choose Kathryn the Grape’s music over any others. I highly recommend you get this album and listen to the words with your kids. You will truly be amazed by how much your kids love the music, how they understand the messaging in the music and you as a parent will appreciate the beauty within each song.”
Tony Yousif, Amazon Review

“I have not come across another album with such positive messages for kids. The songs are very catchy and fun, my kids love them!”
Laura A., Amazon Review

“We are huge fans of Kathryn the Grape music and stories. Such positive and inspiring messaging; the illustrations are gorgeous, too. A special gift for children everywhere.”
Mary Jane, Amazon Review

My kids love this book & I love reading it to them. A seemingly simple imaginative journey is truly a heartwarming affirmation of qualities every parent hopes to encourage their children to develop.”
S. Mayer, Amazon Review of Kathryn the Grape’s Colorful Journey

Love the positive messages of kindness toward ourselves and others!”
Stephanie Zito, Amazon Review of Kathryn the Grape’s Kindness Confetti

This book is a great tool to reinforce to my daughters that everyone has magic within them. My girls play softball and soccer, so they can relate to having nervous bubbles on the field. KTG’s Magical Wand teaches our kids about confidence and courage. We love it!”
Melissa M., Amazon Review of Kathryn the Grape’s Magical Wand

Reviews of Kathryn the Grape Music Events

“I’ve re-hired Kathryn a couple times for various kid/family-friendly events in Balboa Park. Adults and kids enjoy the songs and we all had a fun time. She has professionally managed crowds of families and keeps their interest for the whole performance (usually about 30 minutes). She’s easy to work with as long as you keep her updated on the venue space and timing. It’s great to work with a professional that can also communicate in simpler terms (since I’m not a musical performer – she was able to clearly communicate the things she needed) and it was easy for me.”
Leslie Yu, Friends of Balboa Park

"’Kathryn the Grape is a child whisperer. Children love her!”
– Jill JonesFriends of Balboa Park

“I hired Kathryn the Grape to share music with our students and families, and her performance far exceeded my expectations. She was wonderful about interacting with the children and she included them in sing-a-long songs. Kathryn also had plenty of songs with movement that had us all up and dancing, parents and teachers included. I highly recommend Kathryn the Grape to anyone desiring to have positive music at their school or event.”
Daphney Wadley, Preschool Director

“I am the PTO President of a K-8 charter school in La Mesa, and the Lead Organizer of our yearly Spring Festival. Kathryn the Grape has performed at these festivals the past two years and is beloved by all our families. Her songs not only have positive messages, but also enjoyable upbeat melodies that get the kids up and dancing.”
Faye Hudson, PTO President at Sparrow Program NUA

“Kathryn the Grape had all of the children singing and dancing and most of the adults, too. She has a natural gift connecting with children, and she clearly loves being around children. My wife and I highly recommend Kathryn the Grape.”
Mark Winkler, Dad

Reviews of Kathryn the Grape Assemblies & School Visits

“Kathryn Cloward, otherwise known as Kathryn the Grape, came to my elementary school to meet with my first grade class.  From the beginning of the hour, to the very last minute, she had them watching attentively and engaged in singing and listening.  Kathryn talked to the children about the importance of kindness and peace.  The overall message in her books and music is that everyone is colorful just by being themselves.  The books reinforce great messages of choosing good character and believing in yourself.  With book titles like Kindness Confetti and Piece of Love, the colorful illustrations and catchy songs proved to be a lasting experience for all of the students at my school.”
Heather NoerrFirst Grade Teacher at Los Penasquitos Elementary

“Kathryn the Grape came to our school and what an amazing experience it was! She conducted two assemblies for the entire student body, and every grade level was engaged with her positive and empowering message. Kathryn Cloward had the students and teachers participate in her assembly, and she even had everyone dancing and singing with her. It was quite a sight to see! Kathryn’s message touched on every key point we could have hoped for, including important real-life stories about bullying and being responsible for our own choices. Kathryn was a bright, energetic, and motivational speaker who was able to connect with students and teachers alike. Kathryn is definitely someone you want your students to know.
Christina Hessom, PTA liaison 

“Kathryn Cloward (a.k.a. Kathryn the Grape) is an artist that speaks not only to the littles, but also to older children and their social experiences – empowering them as members of society and citizens of the earth. Her music and lyrics push children up, lifting their inner voice to that place of positivity that everyone needs to be reminded about. They will be lifted with messages that support each of our children’s inherent sense of creativity, inner intelligence, and colorful energy.
Suzanne Reese, Infant Massage Educator & TrainerInfant Massage USA

“Kathryn brought literature to life for all of our students K-5. Students were engaged with her story and message. When the assembly was over our students were not ready to say goodbye to Kathryn the Grape. This inspiring author visit is a must for every school.”
Julie Bankes
, La Mesa Spring Valley School District

“Our school enjoyed the Kathryn the Grape assembly. It was not only engaging, but the message of treating others fairly and with respect was perfect. Students also enjoyed hearing and learning about how they too can become an author and illustrator some day. Kathryn did a great job, and the students were singing ‘shine shine shine’ all afternoon.
Kelley Rabasco,
La Mesa Spring Valley School District