Kathryn the Grape Six Golden Seeds (Single)

 Lessons for Life Honoring a Humble Hero 

Father Joe Carroll (1941-2021) Helped Homeless Families & Individuals

Six Golden Seeds is a vibrant Kathryn the Grape® song that shares Father Joe Carroll's seeds of goodness with children. Father Joe was a humble hero who was dedicated to helping neighbors in need have opportunities for housing and empowerment services. Accompanying the brand new Father Joe's Six Golden Seeds illustrated book, this song shares about being compassionate, forgiving, respectful, helpful, and empowering while experiencing God in everyone and everything. Decades of connecting dots later, this story and song reveal how Kathryn the Grape's signature purple outfit was purchased from the original Father Joe's Villages Thrift Store (St. Vincent de Paul Villages) decades ago and contributed to Kathryn's creativity for starting this series to help empower children.


  • Music & Lyrics Written by Kathryn Cloward 
  • Produced by Kathryn Cloward and Daniel Fritz
  • Mixed, Mastered, Arranged, Engineered by Daniel Fritz
  • Guitars, Keys, Strings, and Beats by Daniel Fritz
  • Drums by Leonardo Barba
  • Bass by David Stone
  • Lead Vocals by Kathryn Cloward
  • Backing Vocals by Leonard Patton, Jadyn Patton, Becky Cherlin Baird, Noah Baird, Talia Baird, and Megan Nguyen
  • Additional Engineers: Alan Sanderson (lead vocals), Leonardo Barba (drums) David Stone (bass), Leonard Patton (vocals), Daniel Baird (Baird vocals) and Megan Nguyen (vocals)