Kathryn the Grape We're All in This Together Children's Music Album

Mindful Songs for Children and Adults to Enjoy Together

Mom's Choice Award, Family Choice Award, and Best Children's Song IMC Award "I Am Happy Being Me"

Join Kathryn the Grape and friends in singing along to this vibrant collection of uplifting and positive songs. Featuring a refreshing blend of affirming and meaningful lyrics, catchy and joyful melodies, and toe-tapping and hand-clapping music, Kathryn the Grape’s We’re All In This Together is a timeless and enjoyable choice for children and adults alike.

Each song on this award-winning 11-song album directly links to messages and lessons shared in Kathryn the Grape books. Enjoy the positive affirmations in “I Am Happy Being Me,” “M.A.G.I.C.A.L.” and “Free Free Free to Fly.” Dance along to the upbeat tempo of “Friends Forever,” “Nervous Bubbles” and “Shine Shine Shine.” Hear important messages of unity and compassion in “Loving Kindness” and “We’re All In This Together.” Relax into “Just Be In The Flow” and joyfully sing along to the whimsical “Grateful Garden of Love” and bluesy “Maggie.” Listening to the positive music of Kathryn the Grape will provide you and your family with a treasure box of tools of love to last a lifetime.


"We're All in This Together" Credits:

  • All songs written by Kathryn Cloward
  • Songs 1-7 co-written with Astra Kelly
  • Song 8 music co-written with Barry Rosenbaum
  • Produced, engineered, and mixed by Jeff Berkley
  • Mastered by Gavin Lurssen
  • Guitars: Marc Intravia, Jeff Berkley, and Jim Soldi
  • Drums: Josh Hermsmeier and Noah Heldman (song 7)
  • Bass: Rick Nash
  • Keys and Accordion: Sharon Whyte
  • Dobro, Fiddle and Banjo: Dennis Caplinger
  • Backing Vocalists: Sharon Whyte and Samantha Prince
  • Youth Vocalists (all songs except 7) Alex Tuttle, Andrew Kahl, Josh Alper, Kamryn McElvain, Laura Conder, Lendia Wylie, Lillian Wylie, Lucas Tuttle, Luigi Zarcone, Maci Aydelotte, Mia McElvain, Talia Baird 
  • Youth Vocalists (song 7): Audrey Koepke, Connor Fitzgerald, Ella Koepke, Kailee Fitzgerald, Nick Hatch, Zara Irshad