Coloring Book Kathryn the Grape's Magical Wand

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    Coloring Book Kathryn the Grape’s Magical Wand is the black and white coloring version of the award-winning illustrated book, Kathryn the Grape’s Magical Wand — the first of seven books in the award-winning Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. This coloring book provides readers with the opportunity to engage even more with the story as children linger on each page longer while filling in their colors of choice. As with all Kathryn the Grape books, Kathryn the Grape’s Magical Wand tackles important life subjects in ways children are able to understand while providing practical social emotional well-being tools in creative ways. In this story, readers learn the affirmation "I am magical" and about how a magical wand helps Kathryn the Grape overcome fear, get rid of nervous bubbles, help others in need, and try new things. Follow along as Kathryn the Grape discovers that everything magical she experiences comes from within her. Kathryn the Grape is magical by just being herself and so are you! Everyone is magical.

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