The Stories Behing Kathryn the Grape - More About Keshi and Kai

When I graduated from San Diego State University, I worked and lived at a Club Med resort in Florida. I worked in customer service during the day and performed in stage shows at night. I was also in the water-ski show every few weeks. I loved it all!! My immediate boss at Club Med was Annie Mayer. But she was so much more than just my boss. Annie took care of me in a motherly way and welcomed me into her heart, as she did with the others on our team. Teach Mayer was in charge of the resort. Besides being one of the hardest workers, Teach was one of the most entertaining people at the resort.
Annie’s direct impact on my life was so positive that I chose to honor that energy of love by including Annie and Teach’s children as named characters in my series. Keshi and Kai are featured in my “Piece of Love” book and are part of the Kathryn the Grape peace on earth heart logo. Actually, Keshi has developed into one of the main characters in the series as she attends Camp Crystal Rock with KTG in “Kindness Confetti” (book 4) and will be in the upcoming “Unique Compass” book as well.
I share this story because I want to shine a light on the ripple effect of positive energy. I worked at Club Med many, many moons ago. But the FEELING of unconditional love and kindness Annie gifted to me has flowed through me all of these years and has helped shape my life in miraculous ways. Annie’s positive impact on my life continues to ripple!
We often don’t know how much a helpful gesture or kind word impacts someone else.
I wonder what it would be like if we spent more time acknowledging and genuinely being grateful to the people who have helped us along our path? While the vibration of negativity is powerful and many of us spend too much time focusing on everyone who has done us wrong in our lives (Which is often more about mirroring back our own energy and our behaviors that need shifting!!), perhaps we could all choose today to write a simple note of gratitude to one person who has helped us along our life’s path. Perhaps that simple gesture of gratitude is just what they need to receive today.
None of us are journeying alone.
We’re all in this together.