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Kathryn the Grape® is a messenger of love sharing positive and affirming books and music for people of all ages. Kathryn the Grape’s intention is to ripple love, compassion, and unity throughout the world and provide everyone with a treasure box of tools of love to last a lifetime. The multigenerational self-help Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series of award-winning books and music is independently published and distributed by Kandon Unlimited, Inc., a mom-owned company purposeful about creating and sharing heart-centered mindful media with the world.


“Just Be In The Flow” Music Video

We hope you enjoy our new music video featuring families sharing yoga and meditation together.

For song download links, a full list of production credits, and lyrics CLICK HERE.

Help Us Help

Children and Adults with MPS and ML

People with MPS are missing a crucial enzyme which is needed to break down sugars. These sugars build up in cells and cause damage throughout the body. This causes problems with bones, joints, heart, lungs, brain, sight, hearing, and a host of other medical problems. Currently, there is no cure and children are dying every day, leaving a great need for continued research. Families and children impacted by MPS and released diseases, like ML, need our help. Through Heroes we are helping raise awareness for National MPS Society and supporting their fundraising efforts as we’re directing proceeds from the song sales (downloads and streams) to National MPS Society. Now, we need your help producing Heroes.

Find out about how you can help by being a Backup Singer, Associate Producer, and more here.

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