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2021 NAPPA Awards Winner

Let's Read Together Series

Let's Read Together Series on Amazon

Kathryn the Grape

Kathryn the Grape is a unique mom-created independent media series featuring a main character that grows with your children as they grow, from the Let’s Read Together Series to the Affirmation Series, and is a real person your children see and hear on YouTube and meet at shows.

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Kathryn the Grape is a 21st century Mr. Rogers. Her fictional book series is self-help for kids.

Courtney Daly-Pavone

Kathryn the Grape is a child whisperer. Children love her!

Jill Jones

This inspiring author visit is a must for every school.

Julie Bankes


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Kathryn the Grape

Let's Read Together Series

This award-winning series helps engage the joy of reading within the hearts and minds of young children through simple stories with vibrant illustrations. Kathryn the Grape's Let's Read Together Series books tackle important life subjects in ways children are able to understand while providing practical social emotional well-being tools in creative ways. While reading levels vary from child to child, this ever-expanding collection is well suited for children ages three to six.

Let's Read Together Series on Amazon
Kathryn the Grape's Magical Wand Kathryn the Grape's Colorful Journey Kathryn the Grape's Piece of Love Kathryn the Grape's Kindness Confetti Kathryn the Grape's Unique Compass

Kathryn the Grape

Affirmation Series

Each award-winning Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series book provides children with social emotional well-being tools by portraying real-life circumstances that children are dealing with themselves: self-doubt, being brave, expressing themselves, bullying, social comparison, self-love, and the power of personal choices. Through Kathryn the Grape’s example of learning about being magical, colorful, loving, kind, unique, grateful, and joyful, readers receive a rainbow of positive affirmations about themselves while gaining awareness that what “I am,” everyone else is, too. This seven-book series bridges the gap between illustrated books and chapter books, and is especially suitable for six-year-old to eight-year-old learners.

Affirmation Series on Amazon

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