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Kathryn the Grape is here to help!

Hello and welcome! My name is Kathryn Cloward, otherwise known as “Kathryn the Grape.” My son was only two years old when I started down this path of simplifying life lessons learned while growing through life’s changes. Landon is 12 now and he’s grown up learning with me. We’ve learned and grown together. My hope is to help you and your loves learn and grow together, too.

I invite you to find out more about how Kathryn the Grape’s heart-centered mindful media helps children feel good about themselves and others. Many parents, teachers, and caregivers are desiring to have more youth-focused resources for positive and empowered social emotional self-development. That is what Kathryn the Grape provides through engaging age-appropriate books and songs that grow as children grow.

I am a parent. I get it. Kathryn the Grape is here to help.

Kathryn the Grape Grows with You

Kathryn the Grape® is the only mom-created, produced and published independent heart-centered mindful media series of its kind. The interwoven messages shared in books, music and videos based on a real person, with real people as named characters grow with children as they grow through life.

Through messages shared with age-appropriate understanding, Kathryn the Grape supports social learning and emotional intelligence self-development by helping children understand and express their feelings. Kathryn the Grape is a preschool-aged character in Kathryn the Grape Let’s Read Together Series and then ages up to be an elementary school-aged character in Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series. Each book series aligns with Kathryn the Grape’s original songs and videos.

 Often referred to as being self-help for kids, Kathryn the Grape provides a treasure box with tools of love with seven positive affirmations.

Let’s Read Together

Introducing the all new Kathryn the Grape Let’s Read Together Series to help engage the joy of reading within the hearts and minds of young children through simple stories with vibrant illustrations.

Affirmation Series

The multi-award-winning Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series provides self-help tools for youths. Through books and music, it supports social learning and emotional intelligence self-development by helping children understand and express their feelings.

Coloring Books

Each Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series book is available in a black and white version with illustrations outlined for coloring. This creates the opportunity for children to interact with the story more as they add color to the pages.

Times of San Diego Article

Here’s a great article shared in the Times of San Diego about Kathryn the Grape’s music. You may click the box below to read it.

Indepth Interview with Kathryn

Kathryn recently spoke with John Riley about her heart for creating Kathryn the Grape and the line of integrity she holds with sharing mindful messages with others.

“Heroes” for Rare Diseases

Kathryn was inspired to write “Heroes” purely to shine a light of awareness on the rare disease community and support National MPS Society in their efforts to gain funding for cures and approval for newborn screening for all rare diseases. Teenager Michelle Hopkins (MPS1) sang lead vocals and is featured in the music video.

Kathryn the Grape Events

Kathryn the Grape connects with youth through music and messages. From musical storytime gatherings and stage shows to classroom visits and schoolwide assemblies, Kathryn the Grape is an experienced inspirational speaker and magnetic performer with a heart for helping people of all ages feel joyful and free.

Social Emotional Learning

The award-winning seven-book Kathryn the Grape Affirmation Series supports social emotional learning by helping readers understand and express their feelings. Through her everyday experiences, and with her magical butterfly friend Maggie by her side, Kathryn the Grape learns that she is magical, colorful, love, kind, unique, grateful, and joyful. More here.

The Story Behind Kathryn the Grape

Series creator Kathryn Cloward shares about how she was inspired to bring her childhood nickname to life to help people of all ages, children especially, have tools of self-love and self-awareness. Learn about how she has simplified important life lessons into engaging stories and songs, and the treasure box with tools of love everyone gains from Kathryn the Grape and her magical butterfly friend, Maggie. More here.

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