“Heroes” Supports National MPS Society

“Heroes” is a song for everyone. We are all heroes. Each of us experiences challenges in life and this song honors the courage, hope, and love that carries us through. Kathryn Cloward (Kathryn the Grape) and friends wrote “Heroes” to help shine a light of awareness and support on children and adults living with MPS and related rare diseases that have no cure…yet. The youth version of this song features 14-year old Michelle Hopkins (who has MPS1) as lead singer with a choir of youth backup singers. Joyfully produced and released with loving community support, proceeds from every digital music download or stream/play benefits the National MPS Society. Help us help others by downloading and streaming “Heroes,” and sharing it with others. Together we will make a difference.


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“Heroes” Production Credits

Lyrics, music, and melody written by Kathryn Cloward
Music co-written with Arnie Garcia, David Stone, Israel Garcia, and James Furgeson
© 2018 Kathryn Cloward | ℗ 2018 Kandon Unlimited, Inc.
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

Guitars — Arnie Garcia
Bass — David Stone
Drums — Israel Garcia
Keys — James Ferguson

Lead Vocals — Michelle Hopkins
Backing Vocals  — Kathryn Cloward, Leonard Patton, Megan Nguyen
Youth Choir — Ciarra Benson, Eloise Hirt, Madi Hirt, Ryan MacDonald, Samantha MacDonald, Tommy Massey Kamryn McElvain, Mia McElvain, Masyn Miller, Meilyn Miller, Morgyn Miller, Giovanni Pavone, Alyssa Quintana, Torrey Smith, Ava Tibbetts, Fiona Turk, Lena Turk, Sarina Turk, Juliana Zuchelli

Produced by Kathryn Cloward
Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording

Video Produced by Kathryn Cloward and Hopkins Family
Directed by Kathryn Cloward and Jonathan Hammond 
Edited by Jonathan Hammond  
Filmed on location at the San Diego Harbor during and after the 2018 International MPS Symposium Superhero Run

Associate Producers & Courage Contributors
Seal-Gaustad Family and Mirus Promotions
Steph and Jody Pillar
Geri Gorowski
Jack and Mary Cloward
Cyndi and Rick Varacalle
Fran and Rob Greenstein
Jennifer Peinert
Paradise Family
Ressler Family
McElvain Family
McDonald Family
Harris-Turk Family
Boyd Family
Beaver Family
Benson Family
Quintana Family

Special thanks to Fran Garfinkel-Greenstien, Lynn Hopkins, and Amy Holland for helping to plant seeds of inspiration for this special project to bloom.


Written by Kathryn Cloward

With a cape of courage no challenge is too big
With unshakable faith every day I live
Because burning deep inside of me there’s a flicker of a flame
And when I’m scared I know heroes are brave

With my family and friends love surrounds me
With a hopeful heart I live joyfully
Fueled with desire to do my best every day
Fear won’t be hold me back heroes are brave

I am a hero I am a hero
I am a hero I am a hero
I am brave I am strong
With courage I carry on
I am helpful I am kind
Encouraging others to shine bright
I am a hero all the time

With endurance and strength each moment I strive
With love and trust to roll with the tide
My wish for the world is to know we’re all the same
We are all heroes because heroes are brave

We are heroes we are heroes
We are heroes we are heroes
We are brave we are strong
With courage we carry on
We are helpful we are kind
Encouraging others to shine bright
We are heroes all the time

We are heroes
We are heroes (repeat)